Most of the businesses suffer from the same security problems. For e.g. robbery, harassment, internal theft etc. Reports proof that many of the security issues come to a reduction using surveillance. CCTV has been proven to be the most cost-effective method for crime prevention and detection. It helps to keep an eye on everyone doing something illegal that sometimes causes big and unrecoverable losses.

How CCTV help?

CCTV helps to monitor all exit and entry points.
Can secure assets from illegal access.
Can monitor staff efficiency and performance.
Helps to prevent theft before it occurs.
Efficiently track lost items in case of complaints.
Monitor visitors and their movements.

We offer Analog a dip CCTV solutions

Watch employees, property from anywhere.
Control the activities 24×7.
Even if you can’t view a particular event remotely you can view recorded video of the event from recorded location.Using Internet you can watch cameras from anywhere